Blurple – Fall is Upon Us

The fall season will show…eventually. It is almost 90 degrees as I type this, so my confidence is wavering on that. I am drinking apple cider, so I presume it is okay to start showing off them fall polishes. Especially if they are glorious indies!

I feel somewhat behind because I have only purchased some today and it is partially because I don’t want to let go of my China Glazes from last year. Blurple. It is my color.


Never fear though! KB Shimmer saves my entire being with her Halloween inspired collection. Namely, this beaut:


Excuse-Me-I-Blurpled-340x340Excuse Me- I Blurpled” is a blurple jelly. You have no idea how much I squee’d upon seeing this. I don’t have enough jellies and I love the effect with glitter they have. It creates a neat “suspension” look.

The other fantastic polish I desire is “You Go Ghoul

You-Go-Ghoul-340x340Don’t you need black jellies? You need black jellies.

In true Hit Polish form, they created a cool Halloween-spired glitter bomb called “Halloween 2.0”

hitI am TOTALLY DIGGING Spectrum’s line of Halloween  polishes:

apectrum“Hocus Pocus” and “Witches Brew” make me weak in the knees. I also recommend their makeup as well.

And last but not least, Model City made killer scented (or unscented if you’re into that kind of thing) Hallopolishes:

il_570xN.496171638_melyWhat are you pining for? Are you just stashing away cash until Holiday polish time? For me, this is like the High Holy Days of Polish. Blurple. Blurple everywhere!



Softening the Bad Things

I am doing a bit of promotion for a new soon to be released color by Lucky 13 Lacquer.

Softening the Bad Things is a pale blue jelly, as close to the same shade as the background of Van Gogh’s painting as I could get, with medium and large gold hex and tiny bronze glitters to represent the sunflowers.


This color is $1 more than the average polish because the additional amount earned from each bottle will be donated to NAMI to increase awareness of mental illness and prevent suicide.

I donated in honor of NAMI because I have been personally affected by their work. One conversation can save a life. Consider polishing with a purpose 🙂 ❤


Maven Reminder

Hey Lacqueristas!

If you are a Julep Maven, this is a reminder to choose or skip your Maven box for this month!

If you have not skipped before or it is your first Maven box after your free one, just log in. Go to “Account” at the top and click on “Your Maven Profile”. You’ll see “My Account” and “Monthly Maven Activities”- click on “Monthly Maven Activities”.  Choose or scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see “Skip This Box”.  You have until the 24th to unskip, if you chose to skip it.

The “Champagne Trio” is available for $14.99- definitely a steal compared to the $42.00 regular price. I totally dig “Clio” an awesome “silver, pink, and lavender multi-dimensional glitter”. “Reiko” is an awesome not often seen “rose gold” color.

antoinette<3marie*I am not employed by Julep. I am just a Julep Maven member (on my own dime, ha) and I just wanted to make a friendly reminder, because I forgot last month!*



Fall Style Trends 2013

Zoya announced new fall inspired Pixie Dusts for Fall 2013:

zoya-fallTomoko? Yes! Chita? Yes! Carter? Yes!

Other nail polish companies have been silent on their fall collections. However, Fashion Week gave way to some insight into the nail polish and decoration trends as the days become shorter and cooler.

  • Black
This picture did not have a credit on Pinterest. Please let me know- beautifully done!

Black is back baby. Black will be in fashion in two regards. One, just as a color itself, probably in opposition to the summer’s all white nail trend. (I personally think it looks like you painted your nails with white out while you were bored at work, but whatever!)

Beautiful, rich nude with black French tips. Wunderbar. Also another Pinterest find.
Beautiful, rich nude with black French tips. Wunderbar. Also another Pinterest find.

Two, black will be in style in terms of accents. French tips? Black. Half moons? Black. Striping tape designs? Black. I am personally looking forward to it, as I thoroughly enjoy black nails. Gray nails seem to be falling out of fashion, but I still enjoy them.

  • 3-D nail effects

On the back of pixie/gumdrop/other odd nail sensations, this one takes texture a step further. Popular styles include  straight up rhinestone designs on nails and bits of lace on the nail itself.

Credit: Eye Candy Nails UK. Could do without the acrylics, but you can definitely tell there is a more definitive texture on the nail.

I am personally excited to have fall colors back, but I am super excited to see black en vogue again. Your thoughts?



Josie Maran Nail Removal Wipes Review

Let’s talk about remover baby.

But specifically, the “Bear Naked Nail Wipes” by Josie Maran.


Background: Josie Maran’s tag line is “Luxury with a Conscience”. It seems like she is known for her Argan oil based products. You can tell they take being conscience with a seriously through their packaging.

IMG_3170 IMG_3172Polar bears! How cute!

But the message is even cuter.


A nice little message thrown in there. 🙂

Josie Maran is also known for her Argan oil based beauty products.

Price:  For me, free because my mom was gifted them and did not care to even try them (she only wears pink and whites, so she doesn’t really get new nail things.) As for retail, they are $9 in Sephora. Currently, they are not sold at ULTA.

Directions:   10/10. Super easy to use. They are very thin pads, moistened with a oily mixture.



Scent:   10/10. Nail polish remover is the bane of all boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, and pets alike. This stuff has zero of that smell and smells like delicious grapefruit, just as advertised.

But Does it Work?: 9/10, still have to test of indie glitter. I had on Zoya’s “Liberty”, a textured pixie dust. I also had one nail of butter London’s “Blagger”, a blue creme. The creme came off beautifully, with barely any effort. Textured polish is difficult, but with some grease and nice circular motions. I really coated on Liberty, so I was really surprised it came off. And yes, I only used one pad!

Feel:  8/10. Oily based products do bother some people. But I felt it dissipated rather quickly. It also contains a cuticle moisturizer, so afterwards my nails felt fantastic.











Clean nails!

Dupes: I absolutely love mineral and oil based removals. I think it is more economical to get and use Karma Organics Soy Based Remover. Obviously, it is more expensive than the $1.99 bottles at Target, but I guarantee your nails and skin feel so much better AND there is no toxic gagging smell.

Verdict: I think Karma Organics is much more economical ounce for ounce. However, I will say that the Josie Maran nail removal wipes should be your go to for traveling. It seals well and then you don’t have to carry or worry about breaking your Karma Organics bottle or your acetone plastic bottle coming unsealed.  If I had more disposable income, I’d use these exclusively.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed by the product quality and I give it bonus points for its open dedication to polar bears, preservation, and general positive messaging. 🙂

Now that my nails are clean, time to put those Juleps to good use!



Julep Ruins My Bank Account, Lynderella’s Next

Julep’s Warehouse Sale was phenomenal. The prices were stellar and I am looking forward to some great products coming my way. Of course, I leave for the weekend and I won’t be home until Sunday. It will probably come just as we are pulling out of the drive way.

I’m excited to pair Julep’s “America” with Zoya “Sooki”. Will post!

So Lynderella is an interesting polish brand. It’s indie, but like Nerd Lacquer has an insane following. I’ll spare you my personal thoughts on Lynderella as a person, but the polish collection “Talismans and Birthstones” is crazy beautiful. I really really want “Moonstone Magic”- it looks like so much fun. But alas, the whole collection is on eBay for $270–. Yikes.

Moon(The picture above is from Lynderella’s blog.)

The individual polishes are on Lynderella’s site for about $20. Steep price, is it worth it?  That’s between you are your budget.


Fresh Paint Passion Fruit Swatch and Review

Still no sun.

Or at least it NEVER comes when I am wearing my Ruby Wing polish or have a camera on hand. So today, I am sharing my nail polish I wore on my first day at my temp job this past week. I needed something a bit less neon-y, but I wanted something brightish. Yet demure. Yet fun.

I have over a hundred bottles, easy task right?

After hours of deliberation, I settled on “Passion Fruit” by Fresh Paint.

IMG_3082It’s a pinky purple creme.

I actually loved the formula, despite being $2-3 at Five Below. It was easy to apply and I only needed two coats. If I was better at polish, I probably could have suckered only one coat out, but I needed to even it up a bit.

Here are the messy, artificial light pics.

IMG_3091IMG_3089Look at that clean up I need to get on!

I think this color would well one every tone, except maybe tan. A girl with very beautiful, dark skin (think Grace Jones) was wearing it at the check out and it looked totally stunning. It is a very rich creme, so be prepared for intense color.

IMG_3090It looks more pink in these photos, but I swear it has a purple tint to it.

IMG_3095My stubby fingers for y’all.

I needed to jazz it up, so I added some OPI “Pirouette My Whistle” to it.

IMG_3097Here is the color in the sun. On day two! I unfortunately had smudged it and had some nicks on my nail edges . I like the jazz “Pirouette My Whistle” adds to it.

That’s my post for today- now to paint my nails for True Blood night!


Ruby Wing Polish Review – Summer 2013

Pictures to come soon- whenever the sun actually shows up again!

I absolutely love the festival inspired brights by Ruby Wing this year.


In my past life, I’ve been to Bonnaroo and other festivities, so these put a smile on my face PLUS they color change in the sun! What isn’t to love? So let me breakdown my Ruby Wing experience. Hopefully some sun pops out so y’all can see the actual change on my nails.


The color itself is quite rich. I really dig the bright pink of “Groupie” and surprisingly, I totally love the blue “Eternal”. Of course, the purple “Crowd Surf” is among my favorites. I do enjoy how bright they all are though. I’ve been on a neon kick lately, so maybe that explains it.


The formula in general was fine. The brush isn’t fantastic (can anything beat Zoya’s brush? seriously?), but “Electric Firefly” gave me a lot of hassles. It wouldn’t go on properly and I needed 4+ coats to get okay coverage. Probably best with a white underneath it. “Green Peace” also caused me some issues, however, it wasn’t as bad as “Electric Firefly”. The others were again, fine, but don’t expect a high end experience.

Sun Change

“Eternal” and “Electric Firefly” change by and far the most obviously. “Green Peace” and “Crowd Surf”
are definitely more subtle. “Groupie” is somewhere in between.

I think the best aspect of the sun change is how quick it occurs. In less than five minutes, my nails were changing and in less than ten, I had completely new nails. I very much enjoyed it haha!

Staying Power

After being in the pool and generally being rough with my nails and zero top coat or base coat (I was unsure how it would affect the color change), my nails are relatively in tack.  There is no chipping after three days of wear. Color me impressed, especially after spending a few hours in the sun and in chlorine. And yes, ZERO top or bottom coat. I will have to update on how the removal process goes.


I would. In general, I have issues with formulas, but not enough to keep me away because the color change is fast and fun. These are definitely my favorite among Summer 2013 releases, maybe more so than the Zoya PixieDusts? Textures are okay, but I’m definitely more of a fan of the sun changing polish.

Bonus Review

Bonus round! I used — “Sand and Stilettos” on my tips as a unifier between all the colors. This polish It isn’t gritty feeling at all. It is a neat mixture of micro holo glitter with micro silver glitter. I think it looks fantastic. I would love to do a mani with this and a nude-esque polish. However, it is the only aspect of my mani that has experienced some chipping. I did not use any top or bottom coat with it though.

Were you able to find these polishes at Five Below? Do any neat manis with them? Share!

Ruby Wing Color Changing Polish &Haul

I went to Five Below today and lo behold, the ever mysterious Ruby Wings color change polish has been found!

ruby4From left to right: Crowd Surf, Groupie, Electric Firefly, Eternal, Green Peace

Now what about that color change?

ruby3Look at that lovely iPhone. Now you can’t unsee it.

I think “Eternal” and “Electric Firefly” have the most interesting of changes! Tomorrow I will do a review of the polishes. Today there wasn’t enough sun left in the day for me to try them out.

So five Rubies, anything else?

Um. Duh.

haul2From left to right: Jawbreaker, Sand & Stilettos, Passion Fruit, Matte Top Coat

Jawbreaker is stellllllllar! It is such a neat polish and yes, does look like a jawbreaker. I love the creme-y look of Passion Fruit. I hope the matte top coat is great too.

Have you tried Ruby Wings? What do you think? What color would you like to have?